Single case studies in comparative politics

single_case_studies_in_comparative_politicsSingle party apparatus and the most powerful institution in china; very undemocratic and control every facet of chinese politics last of the worlds great communes dictatorships. Malika aït mallouk is a graduate student in comparative politics and assistant in the department of political science at the. Thinking theoretically in comparative politics. Single case study research method. Lijphart arend "comparative politics and the comparative method" american political science review vol. Lewy "historical data in comparative political analysis a note on some problems of theory" comparative politics 1 october 1968. Comparative studies of other areas of social policy such as health care systems have. In “how the cases you choose affect the answers you get selection bias in comparative politics” barbara geddes. Evidence and inference in the comparative case study. Cases in comparative politics third edition is a set of thirteen country studies that describe politics in the united kingdom the united states france germany japan russia china india iran brazil mexico south africa and nigeria.

single_case_studies_in_comparative_politicsHandbook of political science vol. Research methods comparative framework case. This issue follows first of all from the process of decolonisation which in the single case of the british empire created over 60 new states most with culturally mixed populations. Comparative analysis and case studies mevit 4800. The first tradition is oriented towards the study of single countries. Finally our definition allows for comparison of several case studies and is not limited to single case studies. How did a single political party dominate japan’s democracy for over half a century ex. Time lapse studies this is a unique type of single. A casestudy may be understood as the intensive study of a single case for the purpose ofunderstanding a larger classofcases. Single case study research methodology. 1967 some dilemmas in comparative research. Single case method this is. Comparative politics 127–146. It can be useful to gain knowledge about single cases which can then be put to comparison according to the comparative method[9.

single_case_studies_in_comparative_politicsCase studies in comparative politics. Single country studies. In the area of comparative politics in. the comparable cases strategy in comparative research’ comparative political studies 158–177. Analyzing quantitative data in comparative politics politics is. This chapter turns its attention to the use of singlecountry studies in comparative politics. An inuential symposium in early 1990s on the role of theory in comparative politics concluded for example that most comparative politics research consists of comparative and single case studies treating theories as tools to resolve “real world puzzles” and at. Single case study statistical analysis. In other words comparative politics is the study of the domestic politics political institutions and conflicts of countries. In an influential article on comparative politics lijphart 1971682 situated the comparative method as a basic. On comparative politics in the united states is a single.

Published: 30 Aug 2017